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One of the impairments caused by my disability is, that I experience difficulties when it comes to reading longer texts. This is caused by cross-eyedness, maily appearing when I had a hard day or late in the evening when I am getting tired. So, it seemed that audio books might be a good way to get in touch with literature. At first, I was skeptical. My first Audio Book was – I still know it- the German version of “The Runaway Jury” by John Grisham read by Charles Brauer. Without any great expectation I bought it while it was on special offer. And, what should I say. I was thrilled. I simply could not stop listening until the book ended. This was the beginning of what you may call the greatest passion of mine besides my beloved horses. The collection has grown ever since and now counts a few hundered titles. It has become such a passion that I started writing reviews on Audio Books for a German Websited called Leser-Welt. It is a community of passioned amateur readers and amateur listeners with high quality standards. It is completely indipendent and nobody receives payments of any kind. Its such great fun and its a pleassure how the comunity “adopted” me. Now I am a proud member of the Leser-Welt-Family. Thank you so much and it is an honor and fun to be with all of you!

Sometimes, however, I love to read books on horses, mostly those explaining behaviour of these lovely animals and rarely I also write reviews on those books as well. Please do note however, that all linked content on this page only is available in German, but I will translate all text visible on my homepage.

Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt

Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt

Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt. In knapp sechs Wochen wird mein Buch (hoffentlich) im Online- Buchhandel erhältlich sein. Selbstverständlich können Sie meinen “Erstling” dann auch bei Ihrem Buchhändler des Vertauens erwerben. Die Seite zum Buch beim Self-Publishing Portal “blurb” finden Sie in unten stehendem Link.

The Litigators (John Grisham)

David Zinc has everything you could dream of: He is one of the partners in one of the major law companies, has a good income and a lovely wife. Only the stress at his work and the unfulfilled wish for a child put minor shadows on his life. When, all of a sudden, David makes … Continue reading The Litigators (John Grisham)

Strange Shores (Arnaldur Indridason)

Erlendur travels to the area responsible for his greatest trauma, because he lost his brother there. Since Erlendur held the hand of his brother when he disappeared, the events are still very present. The house of Erlendurs parents of which he does not even know to whom it belongs shall become the starting point of … Continue reading Strange Shores (Arnaldur Indridason)

Believing the Lie (Elizabeth George)

The Chief of Police himself asks Lynley to perform a secret investigation. The nephew of a rich industrial had died in what appeared to be an accident. During the investigation, Lynley and colleagues find silence and defence rather than the willingness to help. What makes the case even more complicated: It appears that almost every … Continue reading Believing the Lie (Elizabeth George)

Drawing Conclusiones (Donna Leon)

Anniversary in Venice: Commissario Brunetti in his 20th case, Surely, a reason to celebrate. So, Vice-Questore Patta, Tenente Scarpa and the Brunettis are sitting in a restaurant, when Brunettis mobile rings. An elderly lady had been found dead on the floor of her flat and blood besides the body. Everything points to a natural cause … Continue reading Drawing Conclusiones (Donna Leon)

Chinese Whispers (Arne Dahl)

After the A-Group had been dissolved, some of ist members found new work in a newly established unit, supposed to evaluate possibilities and limitations of European Police co-operation. However, the unit may not act publicly, yet. Arto Söderstedt is sent to the G-20-summit as an observer and witnesses the shooting of a man,who survives with … Continue reading Chinese Whispers (Arne Dahl)

The Crowded Grave (Martin Walker)

Unaccustomed hustle in Saint-Denis and Bruno right at the heart of it: Organizing a memorial service for a Brigadier who had lost his life in the fight against ETA, preparations for a French-Spanish summit, a damaged fence on a goose-farm together with leaflets mobilizing against a National Specialty, and a dead body on the area … Continue reading The Crowded Grave (Martin Walker)

My Horse told me (Daniela Bolze, photos by Christiane Slawik)

This book on expressive behaviour of the horse is suitable for beginners and advanced horse-behaviour-readers. The strength of this book is the fact, that the author considers horse-language as sort of foreign-language. Therefore, the book understands itself as an interpreting-help. It is divided in understandable units. Each unit deals with another region of the body, … Continue reading My Horse told me (Daniela Bolze, photos by Christiane Slawik)

The Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo)

His second case proves as a true challenge for one-man team Harry Hole. The Norwegian Ambassador was found stabbed in a Motel in Bangkok. As if this had not been enough, the guests of this motel were mainly foreigners with special predilections. Traces could indicate Mafia-involvement, while others lead directly to horse-racing-bets and finally, there … Continue reading The Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo)

The Impossible Dead (Ian Rankin)

Malcolm Fox is member of the internal enquiry at Edinburgh police-department. The case which is on his desk seems to be nothing but routine. A police-officer had been convicted to long imprisonment, because he promised leniency for sexual services. The only reason Fox had been asked to examine the case is the necessity to convince … Continue reading The Impossible Dead (Ian Rankin)

Never say die (Tess Gerritsen)

Until the day her mother was lying on the deathbed, the only things Wilone Maitland knew about her father were legends. Now, her mother urges her to find out the truth about the fate of the pilot Wild Bill Maitland, Wilone’s father. Everything her mother knows is that Bills trace was lost during a mission … Continue reading Never say die (Tess Gerritsen)

Agent 6 (Tom Rob Smith)

Leo Demidov is an exception. Never ever has anyone become an instructor at the secret police. He is considered to be good at his job. Unfortunately, his present protégé falls in love with the beautiful artist Paulina. Demidov holds a hand over his protégé and as soon as the avowing communist Jessie Austin announces his … Continue reading Agent 6 (Tom Rob Smith)

The Heart is a lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)

John Singer and Spiros Antonapolos are very different human beings, and yet, they are united by two things: they are best friends and they both are deaf-mute. The friends share everything: the way to work, joy and sorrow, even the flat. All of a sudden, everything changes: Spiros gets sick and turns from a quiet … Continue reading The Heart is a lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)

Black skies (Arnaldur Indridason)

Sigudur Oli hopes to have a quiet time while Erlendur is on vacation, but these hopes come to an end, when an old school friend of Oli asks for help. Oli’s school friend is regularly visiting erotic parties and some very delicate photos have been taken, showing his secret passions. After long hesitation, Oli promises … Continue reading Black skies (Arnaldur Indridason)

Kammerflimmern (Anne and Even Holt)

Assistant medical director Sara Zuckermann is presumed to become one of the biggest new stars among Norwegian surgeons. She has never lost a patient and there is no reason to believe that May 4th 2010 is going to change anything about that. Everything routine, even though she is supposed to perform surgery on her mentor … Continue reading Kammerflimmern (Anne and Even Holt)

The Great Gatsby (Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

The Audiobook- Version of one of the greatest works in literature-history. Nick Carraway tells the life-story of his neighbor Jay Gatsby. Almost everything about him has what it takes to become legendary, especially the parties. It does not need any invitation to get there, you simply be at his parties. Not surprisingly, several rumors about … Continue reading The Great Gatsby (Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

The Bat Man (Jo Nesbo)

As a Norwegian Actress is murdered in Australia, the Oslo Police Department sees the unique opportunity to billet out the hard drinking Harry Hole for a longer period of time. At the other end of the world, Harry is supported by a commissioner belonging to the Aborigine population. During the investigation, it turns out that … Continue reading The Bat Man (Jo Nesbo)

Die Einsamen (Hakan Nesser)

As far as I could find out, there does not seem to be an English translation of the book, yet. If anyone knows one, please let me know. The story starts in 1969, when a young man called Richard Emanuel Berglund arrives at Upsala for the first time to study theology there. Here, nobody knows … Continue reading Die Einsamen (Hakan Nesser)

The Confession (John Grisham)

Keith Schroeder is priest from the bottom of his heart. This Monday was about to change him for good. As he was cleaning the path leading to his manse from the snow, he sees a man, who looks fragile and dressed far too thin. Shortly after, it is just that man who is sitting in … Continue reading The Confession (John Grisham)

Allmen and the Pink Diamond (Martin Suter)

Two years after Allmen had played an important role in the return of the dragonflies, his situation is getting really bad again. His business “Allmen International Inquieries” is not running. Right as Allmen thinks about selling his silver, a middleman tells him about a client who had “lost” a diamond worth 45-million Euro. Too bad, … Continue reading Allmen and the Pink Diamond (Martin Suter)

A Question of Believe (Donna Leon)

Summer and heat have come to Venice and it seems even to be too hot for criminals. So, Brunetti may well go into his well-deserved holidays. The two things lying on his desk, do not seem to be urgent: His friend and colleague Vianello is worried about his aunt. She is spending money without any … Continue reading A Question of Believe (Donna Leon)

Lexikon der Pferdesprache (Julia Karen and Gerry M. Neugebauer)

Unfortunately, there is no English translation of the book, yet. However, the authors explain round about 200 words related to horse-behavior. Before the illustrated encyclopedic part begins, both authors give an insight to how a horse’s perception works. This part is full of light-bulb-moments and in a lovely and wonderful way puts focus on the … Continue reading Lexikon der Pferdesprache (Julia Karen and Gerry M. Neugebauer)

Black Diamond (Martin Walker)

It is one of the few days where Bruno, Chief of Police, does not like his job. He has to prevent cruel protests in the calm and peaceful village of Saint-Denis caused by the close-down of the local saw-mill. This had been ordered by a new European directive asking for greater distance between industrial complexes … Continue reading Black Diamond (Martin Walker)

Virals #1 (Kathy Reichs)

Since her mother had died in an accident, Tory is living with her father who is a maritime-biologist and workaholic, on a distant and lonely island. Access is restricted to employees and their families. So, Tory decides to give all her love and dedication to dogs. One day, Tory and her friends, of whom only … Continue reading Virals #1 (Kathy Reichs)

Europa Blues (Arne Dahl)

Arto Söderstedt inherited. While he is still enjoying the unexpected luck, his colleagues from the special unit have that much work, that they simply do not know, where to start. First, a little girl is hit by a bullet while she was taking a walk with her daddy. Paul Hjelm is taking their witness-statements as … Continue reading Europa Blues (Arne Dahl)

Allmen and the dragonflies (Martin Suter)

Johann Friedrich von Allmen is a true master, at least as far as women and very expensive ways of life are concerned. Unfortunately, Allmen has not reached master-level in his sense of business. For that reason, the honorable Mister von Allmen has to sell one of his two Premiere-subscribtions for the opera to a friend. … Continue reading Allmen and the dragonflies (Martin Suter)

The wild zone (Joy Fielding)

Suzy Bigelow is new in Miami and lonely, although her husband got a well-paid job in the local clinic. Suzy one evening decides to go to a bar called “The Wild Zone”. Since she drinks her Grendine-Martini very slowly, she gets into the focus of three young men, who could not be more different. A … Continue reading The wild zone (Joy Fielding)

Solar (Ian McEwan)

Michael Beard has reached everything in his life and much more than most of us will ever reach. The Nobel-Prize-Winner for Physics privately had several wifes and uncountable affairs. All of a sudden, everything changes. Beards 5th wife betrays him with two men. Taking into account that he has had 11 affairs during the marriage, … Continue reading Solar (Ian McEwan)

Ford County – Stories (John Grisham)

This book by John Grisham really is different. Instead of a novel, it is a collection of short-stories. And yet, Grisham follows his own tradition. His protagonists still are lawyers, criminals or a combination of both. This time, however, Grisham puts the focus more on the people beyond and or surrounding the main figures. „Fetching … Continue reading Ford County – Stories (John Grisham)

Spider Bones (Kathy Reichs)

When a body is found at the bank of a Canadian lake, Tampe Brennan does not seem having to solve a hard case. The man had died a few days ago right where he was found. Later the scan of the fingerprints delivers a “match” and it almost appears as if there would not be … Continue reading Spider Bones (Kathy Reichs)

About Face (Donna Leon)

On a cold winter day, Guido Brunetti hast o participate in one of those society-events  hosted by his father-in-law. Taken together, more than enough reason to be in a bad mood for the Commissario.  Against all odds, the evening turns out to be better than expected. One reason is the woman sitting next to Brunetti, … Continue reading About Face (Donna Leon)

To the top of the Mountain (Arne Dahl)

During the second investigation of the special unit a serious mistake had been made. As a consequence, the unit was immediately dissolved and their former members dispatched to several police departments. Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm are now working in the department of violent felonies in the city district and investigate a pub brawl after … Continue reading To the top of the Mountain (Arne Dahl)

Firewall (Henning Mankell)

Kurt Wallander enters his office one morning and finds a note from his colleague, who had been called to an unbelievable operation the night before. A young woman and a girl (19 and 14 years of age) had “overkilled”  a taxi-driver, so that Wallander asks himself in what country he is living. As, shortly after, … Continue reading Firewall (Henning Mankell)

Biss ins Gras – 14 eiskalte Krimis für heiße Sommernächte (Various Authors)

Unfortunately, there is no English translation available, yet. This Collection contains 14 short crime stories each from another author and read by another narrator.  Themes reach from betrayed wifes to the Italian mafia. The only thing all short-stories lasting 5-15 minutes share is an unexpected punch line in the  end and an inevitable crime. Read … Continue reading Biss ins Gras – 14 eiskalte Krimis für heiße Sommernächte (Various Authors)

Bad Blood (Arne Dahl)

Although they had a successful start and were able to solve their first case, there are serious doubts about the necessity of the special unit. And then, a Swedish literary critic is murdered on a New York airport. A case that is definitely falling into the cognizance of the unit. Not only that the modus … Continue reading Bad Blood (Arne Dahl)

Misterioso (Arne Dahl)

Paul Hjelm is a truly dedicated policeman, but he is a human from the bottom of his heart as well. This simple, but nevertheless remarkable fact almost seals his destiny.  During a hostage-taking in the aliens department, Paul Hjelm intervenes, instead of waiting for the special-forces. Although the action has no negative consequences and Hjelm … Continue reading Misterioso (Arne Dahl)

The Dark Vineyard (Martin Walker)

Right in the middle of the night and in the middle of sweet dreams, Bruno is awakened by the diaphone, supposed to warn the inhabitants of Saint-Denis in case of fire and other dangers. The case, starting with a burning field, develops really strange: The call, alarming the fire department was made from a far … Continue reading The Dark Vineyard (Martin Walker)

The troubled man (Henning Mankell)

Right in the middle of an investigation, Kurt Wallander receives a completely unexpected call. His daughter Linda wants to meet him to discuss a private matter. At the beach, Kurt Wallander gets the news that he will be grandfather soon. What a surprise! Wallander had no idea that his daughter was in a relationship. To … Continue reading The troubled man (Henning Mankell)

Bruno – Chief of Police (Martin Walker)

Being the local police officer at Saint-Denis for eight years now, Benoit Courrèges, whom everybody only calls Bruno, has a very quiet, happy and satisfying life. This life enables him, to spend a considerable amount of his time for his true passions: Sports, good food and women. Shortly after the remembrance ceremony for the end … Continue reading Bruno – Chief of Police (Martin Walker)

The Complaints (Ian Rankin)

After John Rebus reitred, Ian Rankin is back and Malcolm Fox enters the stage. Although Fox seems to be the complete opposite of Rebus, similarities are clearly visible. Fox is willing to exceed boarders there necessary just as rebus was and Malcolm Fox is anything but perfect, jest as Rebus was. Divorced and drinking too … Continue reading The Complaints (Ian Rankin)

His Dark Materials; Part II(Philip Pullman)

At his return from buying food, William Perry immediately notices, that something has happened to his mother. She has been sick before, but the situation had changed dramatically. William from now on wants to protect his mother against everything. He does not accomplish his goal. As thieves come into the family-home without finding what they … Continue reading His Dark Materials; Part II(Philip Pullman)

Outrage (Arnaldur Indridason)

As the policemen arrive at the crime scene they are breathless for a moment. All visible traces seem to allow only one conclusion. This was not a crime, it was a murderous frenzy. What must the victim- a n innocent phone technician have done to find such a cruel death? The evidence and trances at … Continue reading Outrage (Arnaldur Indridason)

His Dank Materials; Part I (Philip Pullman)

Lyra is a girl quite normal for her 11 years of age. She wants to learn, she is assiduous and she likes to play tricks on people. One day, shotly before the visit of her uncle, Lyra hides in the wardrope of the great chamber. Her intention was to secretly listen to what her uncle … Continue reading His Dank Materials; Part I (Philip Pullman)

Hypothermia (Arnaldur Indridason)

Karin and Maria have been friends since they were children. So, both are happy to meet again at Marias leisure residence. But, instead of a happy meeting, it turns into a nightmare for Karin. Right after the arrival, Karin finds Maria hanging dead from the ceiling. Nothing unusual for the police officers, it already was … Continue reading Hypothermia (Arnaldur Indridason)

The Girl of his dreams – Commissario Brunettis 17th case

Hard times for Guido Brunetti. His mother recently died. Shortly after the funeral, the priest, who conducted the ceremony visits Brunetti at the police station. He is worried, that the son of a friend could be in the bear hug of a sect. But before Brunetti can get into the case, his full attention is … Continue reading The Girl of his dreams – Commissario Brunettis 17th case

The Gallows bird (Camilla Läckberg)

The case seems to be as clear as glass. A woman died in her car after she drove way to fast and hit a tree. She had a considerable amount of alcohol in her blood. Case closed? Not quite. Nearly every person intervied says the victim did not drink alcohol at all. The case really … Continue reading The Gallows bird (Camilla Läckberg)

The Clocks (Agatha Christie)

Right after the return from her lunch break, young steno typist Sheila Webb receives an odd order. She is needed by a client, Mrs. Pebmarsh immediately and if Mrs. Pebmarsh should not be back when Sheila arrives she has order to wait there. To make things worse, the living-room of Mrs. Pebmarsh is full of … Continue reading The Clocks (Agatha Christie)

Skinny Dip (Carl Hiaasen)

Chaz Perrone is not necessarily the man you wish to marry. The only thing he loves is money and the marriage to a very wealthy woman may be considered as an advantageous but by no means exclusive arrangement. To accelerate the inheritance, Chaz decides that he could just as well kill his wife, and he … Continue reading Skinny Dip (Carl Hiaasen)

Devil Bones (Kathy Reichs)

The Series on Temperance Brennan by Kathy Reichs was one of those I discovered because I really liked the voice of the reader. This book, Volume 11 of the series, was the first I reviewed for the Leser-Welt. This book is read by another narrator und since then, where has been a regular change of … Continue reading Devil Bones (Kathy Reichs)

Daddy’s little Girl by Mary-Higgins Clark

was the first audio book I ever revied for the Leser-Welt. The beginnig of a passion that I have not got as much time as I wished to have at the moment. To the content of the book: Imagine just for the moment: During your childhood you found your sister dead,murdered! Now, 22 years after … Continue reading Daddy’s little Girl by Mary-Higgins Clark

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