After mentioning my hobbies on my biography page, this section of my homepage with all following subpages shall be the place to write about what I love to do, when I am not working.


Listening to audiobooks has become one of the main occupations of my leisure-time. I even write reviews regularly, which are published at the Leser-Welt, a private homepage and platform for enthusiastic readers. Audiobooks are a lot of fun, and they have most likely been the best “Chance encounter” of my life. In 2009, after I finished my thesis, the day simply had too many hours.


A second hobby, I should rather say passion and dedication are horses. Once, they were only my therapists, but now they have become partners and true friends in my life, whom I respect and love for the fact that they respect my body as it is without any reservation. My disability is simply meaningless to them.


The “youngest” of my three major spare-time activities. After I came into Digital-Single-Lens-Photography (DSLR) last year, I take my camera with me whenever I can. On the photography-page, I will explain and give you a more detailed insight, how DSLR is possible, regardless of my physical limitation. The beauty of nature and animals is the most fascinating story to tell in my photographs, however I am not restricted or limited to such motives.

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