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My Horse told me (Daniela Bolze, photos by Christiane Slawik)

This book on expressive behaviour of the horse is suitable for beginners and advanced horse-behaviour-readers. The strength of this book is the fact, that the author considers horse-language as sort of foreign-language. Therefore, the book understands itself as an interpreting-help. It is divided in understandable units. Each unit deals with another region of the body, e.g. ears, tail etc. In the second part of the book, the main focus is on communication within the heard, before, in the final part, focus is put on communication between horse and rider. Each unit is supported by the high-class-photos of Christiane Slawik.

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Lexikon der Pferdesprache (Julia Karen and Gerry M. Neugebauer)

Unfortunately, there is no English translation of the book, yet. However, the authors explain round about 200 words related to horse-behavior. Before the illustrated encyclopedic part begins, both authors give an insight to how a horse’s perception works. This part is full of light-bulb-moments and in a lovely and wonderful way puts focus on the most common misunderstandings between horses and humans. In a very impressive way, the authors emphasize how important and valuable horse-appropriate way of communication is and what both sides can win from it. This book is definitely recommended to all horse-lovers!

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