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Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt

Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt. In knapp sechs Wochen wird mein Buch (hoffentlich) im Online- Buchhandel erhältlich sein. Selbstverständlich können Sie meinen “Erstling” dann auch bei Ihrem Buchhändler des Vertauens erwerben. Die Seite zum Buch beim Self-Publishing Portal “blurb” finden Sie in unten stehendem Link.

The Litigators (John Grisham)

David Zinc has everything you could dream of: He is one of the partners in one of the major law companies, has a good income and a lovely wife. Only the stress at his work and the unfulfilled wish for a child put minor shadows on his life. When, all of a sudden, David makes a spontaneous decision. When he enters the office-building, he turns around, goes to the next bar and drinks as much as he could. The address, David tells the Taxi driver is not his home-address, but the address on the advertisement of a law-office. On the next morning, after he slept away his intoxication, he gets a job out of mercy and a few days later, he is about to perform his greatest case: Against the lawyers of his former employer, he is supposed to prove that a medication has deadly side effects.

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Strange Shores (Arnaldur Indridason)

Erlendur travels to the area responsible for his greatest trauma, because he lost his brother there. Since Erlendur held the hand of his brother when he disappeared, the events are still very present. The house of Erlendurs parents of which he does not even know to whom it belongs shall become the starting point of his expedition. During his search, Erlendur encounters a fox-hunter, who participated in the search for Erlendur’s brother many years ago. He could not bring any new information to the case of Erlendur’s brother, but tells him that another woman vanished many years ago and her trace gets completely lost, too.

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Believing the Lie (Elizabeth George)

The Chief of Police himself asks Lynley to perform a secret investigation. The nephew of a rich industrial had died in what appeared to be an accident. During the investigation, Lynley and colleagues find silence and defence rather than the willingness to help. What makes the case even more complicated: It appears that almost every single family member had a good and sound reason to kill the victim.

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Drawing Conclusiones (Donna Leon)

Anniversary in Venice: Commissario Brunetti in his 20th case, Surely, a reason to celebrate. So, Vice-Questore Patta, Tenente Scarpa and the Brunettis are sitting in a restaurant, when Brunettis mobile rings. An elderly lady had been found dead on the floor of her flat and blood besides the body. Everything points to a natural cause of death, especially since she had obviously banged her head on a radiator. If there had not been the truly disturbing details that simply do not match. From his experience Brunetti knows that something is wrong, but the only thing there is, is Brunettis feeling.

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Chinese Whispers (Arne Dahl)

After the A-Group had been dissolved, some of ist members found new work in a newly established unit, supposed to evaluate possibilities and limitations of European Police co-operation. However, the unit may not act publicly, yet. Arto Söderstedt is sent to the G-20-summit as an observer and witnesses the shooting of a man,who survives with severe injuries, At the same time, a foreign maid is arrested in Stockholm under the suspicion having searched for criminally liable material on the internet. When a body of a woman is found during a bird-observation, the new but invisible unit faces its first challenge.

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The Crowded Grave (Martin Walker)

Unaccustomed hustle in Saint-Denis and Bruno right at the heart of it: Organizing a memorial service for a Brigadier who had lost his life in the fight against ETA, preparations for a French-Spanish summit, a damaged fence on a goose-farm together with leaflets mobilizing against a National Specialty, and a dead body on the area of an archaeological excavation, having died much more recent as expected. Bruno has hands full of work and the most urging question is if there is a connection between the events or everything could be considered as an incredible coincidence.

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My Horse told me (Daniela Bolze, photos by Christiane Slawik)

This book on expressive behaviour of the horse is suitable for beginners and advanced horse-behaviour-readers. The strength of this book is the fact, that the author considers horse-language as sort of foreign-language. Therefore, the book understands itself as an interpreting-help. It is divided in understandable units. Each unit deals with another region of the body, e.g. ears, tail etc. In the second part of the book, the main focus is on communication within the heard, before, in the final part, focus is put on communication between horse and rider. Each unit is supported by the high-class-photos of Christiane Slawik.

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The Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo)

His second case proves as a true challenge for one-man team Harry Hole. The Norwegian Ambassador was found stabbed in a Motel in Bangkok. As if this had not been enough, the guests of this motel were mainly foreigners with special predilections. Traces could indicate Mafia-involvement, while others lead directly to horse-racing-bets and finally, there remains the question how sound the family-life of the ambassador, belonging to Christian People’s Party and getting the job at least partly because of his connections to the Prime Minister, truly was.

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The Impossible Dead (Ian Rankin)

Malcolm Fox is member of the internal enquiry at Edinburgh police-department. The case which is on his desk seems to be nothing but routine. A police-officer had been convicted to long imprisonment, because he promised leniency for sexual services. The only reason Fox had been asked to examine the case is the necessity to convince the public of wholehearted examination. As expected, Fox has to deal with a wall of silence. The case gets a dramatic turn-around when the uncle of the convicted officer, who has been the initiator of the trial, commits suicide…

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