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On this newly added page, you will find all entries comming up in the category ” my life”. Here is the place you will find everything important not belonging to any of the priviously added categories.

This includes my involvement in politics in general and disability policy in detail, but may also include truely and in genuine “private” developments which I think should be published anyway.

To start, here is a post advertising the Bundesfreiwilligendienst or the FSJ (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr)


Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt

Ich habe mich unter die Autoren gewagt. In knapp sechs Wochen wird mein Buch (hoffentlich) im Online- Buchhandel erhältlich sein. Selbstverständlich können Sie meinen “Erstling” dann auch bei Ihrem Buchhändler des Vertauens erwerben. Die Seite zum Buch beim Self-Publishing Portal “blurb” finden Sie in unten stehendem Link.

Sometimes dreams take a little longer…

… to finally come true. No, I haven’t found the girlfriend I am looking for. However, another dream has finally become true. A holiday at a barrier-free horse riding centre. Hof Grueneberg , located in Brandenburg is such a great place for relaxation. It turned out to be quite complicated to sort out everything around the payment of the necessary assistance, but finally, with the help of quite many people, we could find a solution.  All in all, the preparation of the holiday took about 9 months. More than once, I was afraid, we couldn’t get it done.

Fortunately, there were always people who encouraged my not to give up. To name all of them would certainly go beyond the scope of this report. However, my riding-therapist deserves to be mentioned here, because without her this holiday would not have been possible.

Hof Grueneberg is such a special place. Nearly all available apartments are completely barrier-free. The flat “Lankesee” which I rented for a week has two separate bedrooms and another couch usable as sleeping place in the living room. The living room and the bathroom are large. Disability-related equipment such as nursing bed and lifter can be rented (against fee). Simply let them know beforehand. A shower-and toilet-wheelchair is available free of charge.

At Hof Grueneberg several animals have found their home. Cats,dogs, chicken and of course horses. Except the horses, you can feed all animals. It is, however, FORBIDDEN to feed the horses, petting is allowed. In addition to offering therapeutic riding, normal riding-lessons can be booked as well. What really impressed me was the fact that the complete area (including all stables) is fully wheelchair-accessible. I can surely recommend the collective-actions offered on a weekly basis as well. Baking Pizza was fun.


I had five lessons of Hippotherapy (including Saturday). There is a lifter to transfer the patient from wheelchair to the horseback and the transfer takes places in a separated part connecting stables and riding arena. The riding arena is big and light. Great. I was allowed to ride Lanka, a really lovely carthorse-mare. Her walk was much quicker than Shirley’s , which felt really strange in the beginning, but incredibly cosy by the end of the week. Such a pleasure, such a sweetheart.

If you want to leave the apartment and stables for a while, the region has a lot to offer. We decided to have a visit at the “Baumwipfelpfad Beelitz (Heilstätten)” and the park of Rheinsberg Castle. Everything fully accessible by wheelchair. However, we dismissed the thought of a boat tour, because the accompanying person was not free of charge. The pulsing German capital Berlin is about 60 Kilometres away.

A lovely, cosy and relaxing holiday ended far to quickly. I hope and pray, that I will be able to see all people and animals again next year.

City- and Countycouncil-election 2016

It was not supposed to be, yet. Personally, I barely missed election into the city-council. I wish to thank all people, who have given me their vote and their trust. If everything goes well, I will be having a new try in 2021.

Congratulations to all (newly) elected city-council-members and especially to the five members of the Green Party. I wish to all council-members a politically fair und constructive co-operation, allowing and enabling good developments for the city.

Personally, I will continue to engage myself for everything good for the City making a contribution to a green and live-worthy city of Achim.

Lebenshilfe im Landkreis Verden is looking for support

Lebenshilfe im Landkreis Verden e.V. is looking for support and the help of (young ) people. You might help us by applying for a “Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr” or “Bundesfreiwilligendienst”

Which benefits you might have by doing so is explained best by young people who have done so in the previous year.