Declaration of Love to a horse

My therapy-horse has just given me yet another proof that horses are wonderful beings. Not only has she been as gentle and soft as she always is, but she has proven her wisdom twice in our 45-minute-lesson last week: as we were about to start trotting, Shirley stopped. The lungeing rein had had a few knots. As soon as these knots were unknotted, Shirley immediately started to trot as if nothing had happened, she’s just such a sweet-hearted horse girl. And, as already mentioned above, Shirley showed her wisdom again, later that day and I gained the impression that we had successfully communicated for the first time. When I had my hands off the handhold, Shir5ley started snorting very carefully and I somehow know that she would have loved to snort more intensively, but her priority was to give me her security. So, I put my hands back on the handhold, and Shirley thanked myself by snorting loudly and proudly. It’s such a great horse and such a great feeling being able to communicate with her. Please; Shirley; never stop communicating und I only can hope that we have many more years to come. For myself, there seems to be no safer place in the world than sitting on Shirley’s back.



City- and Countycouncil-election 2016

It was not supposed to be, yet. Personally, I barely missed election into the city-council. I wish to thank all people, who have given me their vote and their trust. If everything goes well, I will be having a new try in 2021.

Congratulations to all (newly) elected city-council-members and especially to the five members of the Green Party. I wish to all council-members a politically fair und constructive co-operation, allowing and enabling good developments for the city.

Personally, I will continue to engage myself for everything good for the City making a contribution to a green and live-worthy city of Achim.