Second class with Linda at „Zoo am Meer“

To make up for the six months without “Linda classes” just a week after the architecture class, I took part in the Workshop at the “Zoo am Meer”. It was a very special workshop. For the first time ever two participants in the class, Antje and Maike assisted me during the workshop. And they made a great debut, indeed! And I got the fantastic opportunity to put Antjes new super-tele-lens on my camera which has proven to be probably the best choice to deal with blue-footed-boobys. The results, in my opinion are quite surely among the best pictures I have ever taken so far. Many thanks to all the wonderful people allowing me such enjoyable and relaxing days.

Pictures published with friendly permission of Zoo am Meer.

First class with Linda after 6 months

After a break of 6 months, I had the first class with Linda in 2016. Architecture. In theory it sounded quite complicated to take care of all the lines you need to have in mind. Taking the pictures was challenging but the class was great fun. The results were quite good though I have to admit, that nearly all pictures had to be reworked with the Computer.

First test of my new macro lens

After my first photo-trip to the Baltic Sea and the impressive results from a “beach to go” the decision had fallen to buy a Macro lens on my own.  While the pictures at the “beach” were taken with a Tamron 90mm lens, my personal choice was the Sigma 105mm 2.8 HSM OS. A first long-term-test was performed at my parents’ garden. Quite good results, I think.