Die Einsamen (Hakan Nesser)

As far as I could find out, there does not seem to be an English translation of the book, yet. If anyone knows one, please let me know. The story starts in 1969, when a young man called Richard Emanuel Berglund arrives at Upsala for the first time to study theology there. Here, nobody knows that he is different; that he sees weekdays in colors and hates Tuesdays from the bottom of his heart. Richard quickly finds new friends, especially Thomas Winkler, who is living in Upsala together with his sister and his girlfriend. These four together with another young couple and Richards girlfriend three years later go on a trip by bus. The journey starts harmonious, but during its cause more and more tensions arise within the group, leading to a fatal decision taking a life. Inspector Barbarotti does not know any of these events, as he examines a body on a preferred spot for committing suicide 35 years later…

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