The Heart is a lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)

John Singer and Spiros Antonapolos are very different human beings, and yet, they are united by two things: they are best friends and they both are deaf-mute. The friends share everything: the way to work, joy and sorrow, even the flat. All of a sudden, everything changes: Spiros gets sick and turns from a quiet into a molesting person getting into conflict with law several times. Fearing he might be charged for the damages his cousin hospitalises Spiros into an insane asylum. As a reaction, Singer withdraws himself. His work ist he only thing Singer still does regularly. Singer takes his meals at the New York Café. Here, he gets to know several people, who could not be more different. They all share their sorrows with Singer and, when the owner of the Café loses his wife, all guests are united be one thing: hurting loneliness.

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