And yet, another year has passed

And again, I did not manage to report on my riding lessons on a more regularly basis und yet again, I am about to promise that this is going to change. So, it is at least “The same procedure as last year”. So let us hope altogether, that this is not going to end in a “The same procedure as every year”. This is a real pity, because the year that is almost over would certainly have deserved more than just this one but lengthy report. Shirley and I really have made some progress. First of all, Shirley seems to have gained that much trust into my riding abilities that she allows herself to snort regularly with me on her back. In the beginning it was a sort of shy snort, getting more and more honest and relaxing with time. Meanwhile, you can feel her relaxation through her body. Somehow it seems, however, that her relaxation seems to be deeper when we ride outdoors. The only time that her snort was visible up to her tail root was while we were riding outdoors. For the rest of that lesson Shirley’s walk was light as never before.

The second great progress we made this year is that we trot on a regular basis. While it felt very wobbly in the beginning, I sometimes have the impression that Shirley’s trot is at least as easy to sit as her walk. My wise horse girl really deserves a compliment for stopping after a few rounds of trot, so that the correctness of my seat can be checked. I can only hope that I still have many more years with her, the wonderful humans and at the place that really brought back luck to my life.

To all those, who could not imagine what a riding lesson looks like with cerebral-palsy, here is an almost 13-minute-video giving you an impression.