Agent 6 (Tom Rob Smith)

Leo Demidov is an exception. Never ever has anyone become an instructor at the secret police. He is considered to be good at his job. Unfortunately, his present protégé falls in love with the beautiful artist Paulina. Demidov holds a hand over his protégé and as soon as the avowing communist Jessie Austin announces his visit to Russia, Demidov is the person in charge of the security measures. At least one good thing after Demidov had been rejected by the beautiful Lena and added highest priority to the file of his protégé. However, the visitor does not seem to care about security measures and more than once the catastrophe is barely avoided. When Paulina dies, Demidov surely has more than enough and quits the service. As compensation, Leo gains the heart of the beautiful Lena. She starts a great career. In midst of the Cold War she is asked to perform conciliation-concerts which will be attended by diplomats of the United Nations. Immediately after the applause, the catastrophe arises. Jesse Austin is shot in front of the UN-building. Quickly, Demidovs foster-daughter becomes the prime suspect and the former, impoverished secret-service-agent Demidov is about to perform the most dangerous job of his career, knowing there will be no return…

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The Heart is a lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)

John Singer and Spiros Antonapolos are very different human beings, and yet, they are united by two things: they are best friends and they both are deaf-mute. The friends share everything: the way to work, joy and sorrow, even the flat. All of a sudden, everything changes: Spiros gets sick and turns from a quiet into a molesting person getting into conflict with law several times. Fearing he might be charged for the damages his cousin hospitalises Spiros into an insane asylum. As a reaction, Singer withdraws himself. His work ist he only thing Singer still does regularly. Singer takes his meals at the New York Café. Here, he gets to know several people, who could not be more different. They all share their sorrows with Singer and, when the owner of the Café loses his wife, all guests are united be one thing: hurting loneliness.

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Black skies (Arnaldur Indridason)

Sigudur Oli hopes to have a quiet time while Erlendur is on vacation, but these hopes come to an end, when an old school friend of Oli asks for help. Oli’s school friend is regularly visiting erotic parties and some very delicate photos have been taken, showing his secret passions. After long hesitation, Oli promises his fried to at least visit the photographer. What was planned to be an informal communication. Directly leads Oli into an investigation. Oli finds the photographer heavily beaten up. As soon as she dies, Oli’s friend finds himself right on top of the suspect list. The case gets even more complicated, when another suspect hands out an 8-second-movie to Oli, showing things you could not stand a single second longer.

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Kammerflimmern (Anne and Even Holt)

Assistant medical director Sara Zuckermann is presumed to become one of the biggest new stars among Norwegian surgeons. She has never lost a patient and there is no reason to believe that May 4th 2010 is going to change anything about that. Everything routine, even though she is supposed to perform surgery on her mentor and lover, a professor recently having celebrated his 70th birthday. He is about to get a micro heart-defibrillator. There are unexpected complications during surgery and Sara has to perform extraordinary well to safe his life. The recovery is good, however, the professor suffers a deadly heart attack a few days later. Rumors about a possible malpractice are fired, as Sara loses a second patient during the exact same surgery using an implant of the same manufacturer. When Sara finds the implant of the professor in her doctor’s overall, she decides to investigate things closer. She has absolutely no idea that the results of her investigation might shake the Norwegian health-care-system or even the state to its very foundations.

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The Great Gatsby (Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

The Audiobook- Version of one of the greatest works in literature-history. Nick Carraway tells the life-story of his neighbor Jay Gatsby. Almost everything about him has what it takes to become legendary, especially the parties. It does not need any invitation to get there, you simply be at his parties. Not surprisingly, several rumors about the origin of Gatsby’s wealth arise. Nick Carraway tells the story of his neighbor, who seems to have everything you can dream of, but also is deeply unhappy.

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The Bat Man (Jo Nesbo)

As a Norwegian Actress is murdered in Australia, the Oslo Police Department sees the unique opportunity to billet out the hard drinking Harry Hole for a longer period of time. At the other end of the world, Harry is supported by a commissioner belonging to the Aborigine population. During the investigation, it turns out that there are similarities to four other crimes in the past ten years. However, all small and big traces lead to nothing. The riddle seems to become almost unsolvable, when Harry’s Australian contact officer commits suicide…

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Die Einsamen (Hakan Nesser)

As far as I could find out, there does not seem to be an English translation of the book, yet. If anyone knows one, please let me know. The story starts in 1969, when a young man called Richard Emanuel Berglund arrives at Upsala for the first time to study theology there. Here, nobody knows that he is different; that he sees weekdays in colors and hates Tuesdays from the bottom of his heart. Richard quickly finds new friends, especially Thomas Winkler, who is living in Upsala together with his sister and his girlfriend. These four together with another young couple and Richards girlfriend three years later go on a trip by bus. The journey starts harmonious, but during its cause more and more tensions arise within the group, leading to a fatal decision taking a life. Inspector Barbarotti does not know any of these events, as he examines a body on a preferred spot for committing suicide 35 years later…

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