Hagenbeck Zoological Garden – A photographic workshop with Linda Peinemann

My fifth photographic workshop with professional photographer Linda Peinemann had again nothing to do with horses, but had the subject of animals. We visited Hagenbeck zoological garden, a phantastic place to be. An eight-hour-workshop, without the tropical aquarium, which I visited separately. And there will be an extra entry on that, because it’s a great place to be. Once again, the workshop was great fun, because I like being with the other group members and really like the fact, that among the group, there seems to be no doubt, that helping each other seems to be an implicitness. Some of the great photos here are also resulting from great tips or my assistant, who took over the camera in the few places or perspectives that were hardly accessible with the wheelchair.

3 thoughts on “Hagenbeck Zoological Garden – A photographic workshop with Linda Peinemann”

  1. Hi Torsten,
    It is always a pleasure having you in the group. You have built up a fan group among the other participants. Keep up the good work. Your photos are continuously getting better. I am proud to have you in my workshops!

  2. Hi Torsten,
    I am so glad my comment made it finally to your website because you are an amazing young man. It is always a please having you in my workshops. You have done some fantastic photography at Hagenbeck´s Zoo and I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work.


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