Hannover Zoo – A photographic Workshop with Linda Peinemann (19.09.2015)

The seventh class I have been taking with professional photographer Linda Peinemann brought some new aspects. For the first time, the weather conditions were not on our side. It was raining that heavily that we had to suspend photographic workshop. However, the weather conditions were not able to do any harm to the mood among participants and the willingness to help each other. So, the suspension was used to exchange knowledge on Histograms and their interpretation. The long dry phases were used to take some really nice pictures. A walk through the Zoo leads into a wonderful world. Starting at Sambesi and ending at the wadden birds it was a wonderful journey. A few results can be seen below. For some of the results, I need to thank Linda Peinemann and Antje, who offered their practical assistance. It was a wonderful day.

Photoworkshop Sea Life Hannover with Linda Peinemann (12.09.15)

It was time for me to take a new photographic adventure with Linda Peinemann. This time, Sea-Life Hannover was scheduled. I like visiting aquariums, because I really like the powerful colors and the calmness they bring to me while watching. I regularly had taken my camera with me on private visits, however the results were – with the exception of a few accidental hits- disappointing. So I sort of hoped for a new enlightenment or “the perfect trick” for taking better pictures. The bad news is: there is none. The good news is: If you use RAW-Format, you will be able to cut out good parts of not world-class pictures. None of the pictures shown below came out of my cam that way. However, I only allowed myself to either cut the picture/ or moderately adjust lightning. See what I came up with. Thank you to all participants of Lindas classes, you are so kind and warmhearted people. Just enjoy every single moment.


World Championships of Young Dressage Horses Verden August 4th to August 9th

After 17 consecutive years for a final time the World Championships of Young Dressage Horses took place in Verden. From 2016 onwards the tournament will take place in the Dutch city of Ermelo. However, there will still be a Dressage and Jumping Festival in Verden. For the first time, I went with the camera. The highlight pictures are visible here (with the exception of the photo I handed in to a competition).

Hagenbeck Zoological Garden – A photographic workshop with Linda Peinemann

My fifth photographic workshop with professional photographer Linda Peinemann had again nothing to do with horses, but had the subject of animals. We visited Hagenbeck zoological garden, a phantastic place to be. An eight-hour-workshop, without the tropical aquarium, which I visited separately. And there will be an extra entry on that, because it’s a great place to be. Once again, the workshop was great fun, because I like being with the other group members and really like the fact, that among the group, there seems to be no doubt, that helping each other seems to be an implicitness. Some of the great photos here are also resulting from great tips or my assistant, who took over the camera in the few places or perspectives that were hardly accessible with the wheelchair.