Update on the Photographic-Workshops

The Photographic Workshop at the “Zoo am Meer” remained the last for 2014. A new family-member is about to arrive in the family of the course-teacher.


All the best wishes and I look forward to the continuation of the course with a new teacher in January 2015.


Trying to summarize my year 2014 with Shirley

As you may have noticed, I was not able to report as regularly on my progress with Shirley as I would have wished to do. There are several reasons for that, some of them belong to the saddest experience I made in life so far. Nevertheless, I will at least try to give a summary of a great riding year 2014. Shirley and I seem to become friends more and more. The uncertainty, which I experienced, when I first met Shirley and during our first year of work is almost completely gone. Now, I feel a great comfort and joy while being with her. It already feels like I have found a new friend. During 2014, there have been several progresses from a therapeutical perspective. I have been riding outdoors, whenever the weather allowed it, meanwhile I can even talk outdoors. My personal highlight was happening a few weeks ago. Since I am riding at an earlier time, and one day I happened to experience a ride into the sunset. It almost felt like being Lucky Luke, the lonesome cowboy.

However, I have had incredibly valuable times which I spent just observing Shirley and her friends on their pasture. It gave me power and calmness in the greave times of the year. It almost felt like Shirley and her friends were able to take some weight of the world off of my shoulders.

Additionally it should be mentioned that there has been a report on the stable in the “Pferdesportmagazin Bremen-Niedersachsen”. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read it, yet. I have contacted the publisher, if I could get a copy and would be allowed to publish the article on my private homepage, but did not receive a reply, yet. So stay tuned for further updates.

As a little compensation for not writing almost a whole year, I will finish this post with a little video-sequence, showing the “opening of the outdoor season 2014. For now, I which all horse-lovers and their loved ones a happy and healthy New Year.