Black Diamond (Martin Walker)

It is one of the few days where Bruno, Chief of Police, does not like his job. He has to prevent cruel protests in the calm and peaceful village of Saint-Denis caused by the close-down of the local saw-mill. This had been ordered by a new European directive asking for greater distance between industrial complexes and residential areas. Indeed, the owner of the saw-mill and his son, top candidate of the Green Party have an ugly and almost physical argument that day.

Having barely sorted that out, Bruno’s friend Hercule confronts him with an unbelievable suspicion. Are the Black Diamonds of the region blended with imports of minor quality from Asia on the market of the neighboring-village? And that, although the chief of the market recently had installed way higher security-standards because of the increasing online-trade.

A few days later, there is an unexpected and dramatic turn-around to the story. During a common hunt, Bruno and his friend the Baron find Hercule murdered in the woods. The crime shows signs of the mafia being involved.

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