Fischerhude 13.06.2014

After the short detour into the world of professional photographers this time it is again the photo-workshop of Lebenshilfe, where enthusiastic hobby-photographers with disability meet. This time, the picturesque village of Fischerhude was the designated aim. It has always been one of my favorite places, giving me a very special sort of calmness and relaxation.

Photographic Workshop Linda Peinemann 24.05.2014

After my very positive experience of the first photo-workshop conducted by Linda Peinemann, I was really looking forward to the continuation this May. Unfortunately, this event was accompanied by really sad circumstances. A few days before, one of my assistance had died suddenly and unexpected during the nightshift. Anyway, the photo-workshop turned out to be great and I would even say that it was part of my personal healing.

After a once again good and really understandable theoretical introduction, the practical part began with dog-photography. Two lovely dogs, who did everything with joy and patience. I hope this is visible on the photos below.

Following a long and delicious lunch-break we started with horse-photography. This time, it took place at the area of the Verdener Schleppjagdverein. Again, this area had been described in detail by employees of the Horse-Museum, and thanks to the support of several course-members it was completely wheelchair-accessible. It really has been some fun, even that much, that we decided to continue the class. The continuation is scheduled for August 16 this year, and I already registered to take part. I can only hope that the joy and fun the day brought me once again is visible in the photos below. It was magnificent!

Cuxhaven 02.05.2014

The first whole-day-photo-workshop led us to one of the most popular touristic-region of nothern Germany, Cuxhaven. Unfortunately, the weather was typical for the sea this time, cloudy and windy, so that where were not as many photo-motives as there could have been. Anyway, it was a nice day.

Weserweir 04.04.2014

The first photo-workshop of the beginning spring led us to the water once again. This time to Bremen, to the Weser-weir. It had been renewed not long time ago and seems to be a quite popular relaxation-area in the region. Understandable, it is really worth a trip.

Rotenburg (Wümme) 17.03.2014

After missing the February-Photo-Workshop due to sickness, the Photo-Workshop of March led us to a city once again. This time, we visited Rotenburg (Wümme). A city, I had visited privately several times before, but, believe it or not, it looks different through the eye of the camera.

Weserpromenade Hoya 10.01.2014

The first Photo-workshop of the new year led to the Weser-Promenade in Hoya. A beautiful relexation and walking area, directly along the water and therefore offering quite a few picturesque motives.

Sachsenhain 08.11.2013

The final photo-Workshop of 2013 stayed „at home“. The relaxation area Sachsenhain in Verden was the location this time. Here some impressions.

Bürgerpark Bremen 11.10.2013

After our last visit at Bürgerpark Bremen had been flooded by an incredible rain, we made another try to capture it photographically in October 2013. Although the weather was not much better this time, here are some results.

Etelsen Castle 13.09.2013

After the summer-holiday of July and my sickness of August I had my next Photo-Workshop at Etelsen-Castle. A beautiful surrounding offering a lot more motives than I will be able to publish here. Anyway, here are some impressions.