The Confession (John Grisham)

Keith Schroeder is priest from the bottom of his heart. This Monday was about to change him for good. As he was cleaning the path leading to his manse from the snow, he sees a man, who looks fragile and dressed far too thin. Shortly after, it is just that man who is sitting in front of the priest and telling him a story beyond all imagination: He will be dying soon and therefore willing to confess that he was the murder of a 17-year-old girl many years ago. In four days, an innocent man was about to be executed for the crime. For the priest, this is the beginning of a journey full of doubts. Caught between his faith, jurisdiction, humaneness and justice, it was about to change Keith’s life for good.

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Allmen and the Pink Diamond (Martin Suter)

Two years after Allmen had played an important role in the return of the dragonflies, his situation is getting really bad again. His business “Allmen International Inquieries” is not running. Right as Allmen thinks about selling his silver, a middleman tells him about a client who had “lost” a diamond worth 45-million Euro. Too bad, his client never “officially” owned the diamond. Allmen accepts the case against all worries and warnings. 2-million Euros of contingency-fee are to much of a temptation. What Allmen does not know: He is searching for a diamond having very little in common with a piece of jewelry and that leads him right in between several fronts…

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A Question of Believe (Donna Leon)

Summer and heat have come to Venice and it seems even to be too hot for criminals. So, Brunetti may well go into his well-deserved holidays. The two things lying on his desk, do not seem to be urgent: His friend and colleague Vianello is worried about his aunt. She is spending money without any reason and even wants to sell the family-business, Has she become part of a sect?

Another friend, working at the court, tells Brunetti about his suspicion that one judge may suspend willingly lawsuits, where she is the chief judge. Since Brunetti had seen such things a few times before during the cause of his carrier, there was nothing that could not wait until the holidays are over.

Right after the Brunettis entered the train, a court usher was found dead and murdered. He had been working there for many years and was known as quiet and assiduous man. Is there a connection to the suspicion of Brunettis friend? Instead of heading to his holidays, Brunetti is going back to Venice and examining a case leading him way beyond the face of the high-society.

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Lexikon der Pferdesprache (Julia Karen and Gerry M. Neugebauer)

Unfortunately, there is no English translation of the book, yet. However, the authors explain round about 200 words related to horse-behavior. Before the illustrated encyclopedic part begins, both authors give an insight to how a horse’s perception works. This part is full of light-bulb-moments and in a lovely and wonderful way puts focus on the most common misunderstandings between horses and humans. In a very impressive way, the authors emphasize how important and valuable horse-appropriate way of communication is and what both sides can win from it. This book is definitely recommended to all horse-lovers!

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Black Diamond (Martin Walker)

It is one of the few days where Bruno, Chief of Police, does not like his job. He has to prevent cruel protests in the calm and peaceful village of Saint-Denis caused by the close-down of the local saw-mill. This had been ordered by a new European directive asking for greater distance between industrial complexes and residential areas. Indeed, the owner of the saw-mill and his son, top candidate of the Green Party have an ugly and almost physical argument that day.

Having barely sorted that out, Bruno’s friend Hercule confronts him with an unbelievable suspicion. Are the Black Diamonds of the region blended with imports of minor quality from Asia on the market of the neighboring-village? And that, although the chief of the market recently had installed way higher security-standards because of the increasing online-trade.

A few days later, there is an unexpected and dramatic turn-around to the story. During a common hunt, Bruno and his friend the Baron find Hercule murdered in the woods. The crime shows signs of the mafia being involved.

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