About Face (Donna Leon)

On a cold winter day, Guido Brunetti hast o participate in one of those society-events  hosted by his father-in-law. Taken together, more than enough reason to be in a bad mood for the Commissario.  Against all odds, the evening turns out to be better than expected. One reason is the woman sitting next to Brunetti, with whom he spends that much time, that his wife has to comment on it. As Brunetti returns to the police-station the next morning, his boss, Vice-Questore Patta has a visitor. A special investigator of the Carabinieri, responsible for environmental crimes. Right now, he is investigating a murder that happened quite some time ago. The victim had been a hauler. Although the special investigator had asked Brunetti for administrative assistance, he is very carefully giving away information. He fears for his life, he said. When the special investigator is found dead the next day, it becomes clear that his fears had been legitimate, the Commissario has also to investigate a case, leading Brunetti to the limits just to gather and gain information and there intuition turns out to be his best partner…

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