Spider Bones (Kathy Reichs)

When a body is found at the bank of a Canadian lake, Tampe Brennan does not seem having to solve a hard case. The man had died a few days ago right where he was found. Later the scan of the fingerprints delivers a “match” and it almost appears as if there would not be a case at all. The victim had been identified and only died a few days ago. Case closed? Far from that! The fingerprints match a person who died during the Vietnam War in 1968. How was that possible? Her investigation leads the forensic anthropologist  directly to the authorities for missing or died US troopers, residing  in Hawaii. Shortly after, another body has been found there, fouled up beyond all recognition by the bite of a shark and Tempe by a car accident loses her mobile and by the fraction of an inch her life, Tempe has to investigate a case connected to drug-mafia and a netting of wrong and right identities, lies and eagerness for power.

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