Europa Blues (Arne Dahl)

Arto Söderstedt inherited. While he is still enjoying the unexpected luck, his colleagues from the special unit have that much work, that they simply do not know, where to start. First, a little girl is hit by a bullet while she was taking a walk with her daddy. Paul Hjelm is taking their witness-statements as he is called to a second crime scene. An unidentified body –or better what was left of it- had been found at the zoo. When a third and fourth crime-scene enter the stage, where the thief of a mobile was pushed against a tube, respectively an almost 90-year-old-professor had been hung upside-down on a tree, the whole case gets totally confusing. A thrilling and though it may read different logic book till the end.

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Allmen and the dragonflies (Martin Suter)

Johann Friedrich von Allmen is a true master, at least as far as women and very expensive ways of life are concerned. Unfortunately, Allmen has not reached master-level in his sense of business. For that reason, the honorable Mister von Allmen has to sell one of his two Premiere-subscribtions for the opera to a friend. When one day this friend is prevented from accompanying Allmen, he sends Jojo instead. After the both drank a lot of alcohol, Allmen finds himself at the villa of Jojo’s parents where she lived since an ugly divorce. There, Allmen not only falls for the beautiful woman. A momentous decision that will change Allmen’s life for good…

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The wild zone (Joy Fielding)

Suzy Bigelow is new in Miami and lonely, although her husband got a well-paid job in the local clinic. Suzy one evening decides to go to a bar called “The Wild Zone”. Since she drinks her Grendine-Martini very slowly, she gets into the focus of three young men, who could not be more different. A pair of brothers whp had returned from Afghanistan with very different experiences and results and a young man, who has not had much of a chance with women, due to his philosophical view on the world. The three guys bet, who will be able to seduce Suzy this evening. Even the waitress, who is married to one of the three, gets involved in their plan. What Suzy does not know: In this moment, she had become the centre of a plan that inevitably has to end in a catastrophe…

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Solar (Ian McEwan)

Michael Beard has reached everything in his life and much more than most of us will ever reach. The Nobel-Prize-Winner for Physics privately had several wifes and uncountable affairs. All of a sudden, everything changes. Beards 5th wife betrays him with two men. Taking into account that he has had 11 affairs during the marriage, it only seemed fair. As Beard catches his with red-handed, there happens an accident. Of all things it is just that accident that could bring Beard back on track, professionally and privately. It could make him to nothing less than the saver of humanity…

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Ford County – Stories (John Grisham)

This book by John Grisham really is different. Instead of a novel, it is a collection of short-stories. And yet, Grisham follows his own tradition. His protagonists still are lawyers, criminals or a combination of both. This time, however, Grisham puts the focus more on the people beyond and or surrounding the main figures. „Fetching Raymond“ is a good example. A family visits their brother and son for a final time in the death row. Or the story „Michael’s Room“, telling the story of a child being severely disabled and needing 24-hour-intensive-care caused by a grave error in treatment by the doctors. Michael does not yet receive any form of pension benefit or compensation for immaterial damage. A daring venture by Grisham since the topics are linked to very strong emotions but it almost works out perfectly!

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Spider Bones (Kathy Reichs)

When a body is found at the bank of a Canadian lake, Tampe Brennan does not seem having to solve a hard case. The man had died a few days ago right where he was found. Later the scan of the fingerprints delivers a “match” and it almost appears as if there would not be a case at all. The victim had been identified and only died a few days ago. Case closed? Far from that! The fingerprints match a person who died during the Vietnam War in 1968. How was that possible? Her investigation leads the forensic anthropologist  directly to the authorities for missing or died US troopers, residing  in Hawaii. Shortly after, another body has been found there, fouled up beyond all recognition by the bite of a shark and Tempe by a car accident loses her mobile and by the fraction of an inch her life, Tempe has to investigate a case connected to drug-mafia and a netting of wrong and right identities, lies and eagerness for power.

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About Face (Donna Leon)

On a cold winter day, Guido Brunetti hast o participate in one of those society-events  hosted by his father-in-law. Taken together, more than enough reason to be in a bad mood for the Commissario.  Against all odds, the evening turns out to be better than expected. One reason is the woman sitting next to Brunetti, with whom he spends that much time, that his wife has to comment on it. As Brunetti returns to the police-station the next morning, his boss, Vice-Questore Patta has a visitor. A special investigator of the Carabinieri, responsible for environmental crimes. Right now, he is investigating a murder that happened quite some time ago. The victim had been a hauler. Although the special investigator had asked Brunetti for administrative assistance, he is very carefully giving away information. He fears for his life, he said. When the special investigator is found dead the next day, it becomes clear that his fears had been legitimate, the Commissario has also to investigate a case, leading Brunetti to the limits just to gather and gain information and there intuition turns out to be his best partner…

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To the top of the Mountain (Arne Dahl)

During the second investigation of the special unit a serious mistake had been made. As a consequence, the unit was immediately dissolved and their former members dispatched to several police departments. Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm are now working in the department of violent felonies in the city district and investigate a pub brawl after a football match, costing a young man his life, whereas Viggo Norlander and Arto Söderstedt have to investigate an explosion in a high-security-prison. Shortly after, another explosion takes place into an industrial area, caused by the same explosives used in the prison. Evidence makes a reunification of the unit inevitable. Their investigations lead into a balefully mix of drugs, right-wing-extremism and child-porn…

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