Learn to speak „horse“

Last week, I had my Botox-injections and an improvement is clearly visible even though I am far away from pain-free. Being not pain-free surely had an impact on this riding-lesson. Somehow, Shirley’s movements seemed to be jerky and sticky. The walk surely was different from what I had experienced the weeks before. I could not interpret what happened right during the lesson. The more I tried to concentrate and interpret what Shirley was doing, the less I understood. It was really strange.I did not feel uncertain in any way, and yet, this lesson was everything but fluent. These jerky and sticky movements of Shirley, a few extra halts and relaxing again.

It was obvious that Shirley tried to talk to me. It almost felt that she was “shouting” but I simply did not understand what Shirley wanted to say. Her warm and gentle way after I disclimbed the horse made me certain that Shirley intended to help me.

After these experiences I contacted the already mentioned Tanja Budnick and told her what happened. Her reply was astonishing, simple but clear as glass, so that I was about to bash my hand against my head and an answer that Shirley should conform a week later. The answer was: Relax!

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