Riding after Botox-Injections

Today, I received my regular Botox-Injections that should kill my spastic-pains within the next 10 to 14 days. And, we had another upcoming premiere. For the first time ever, the Botox-Injections and my riding-therapy were scheduled for the same day. And, more than that: Only the 30-minute-car-drive was lying in between the leaving of the surgery and the horse-back-riding. A moment, I had desperately been waiting for since the great pain had begun.

The timing worked out almost perfectly and during the car-trip my pain eased a little bit and according to my assistants climbing the horse was easier than in the weeks before.

Riding itself was better, too, even though we had to make an extra hold because of the pain. This time, we skipped doing special exercises since the main task was to dispend the Botox in the muscles. Shirley did a wonderful job and I wished for nothing more than being able to let her know how much our cooperation and she herself means to me.

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