A horse as breathing-therapist

After the events of last week and taking into account the surprising answer of the horse expert, I was looking forward to the lesson this week. And the lesson was full of light-bulb-moments.

Right after I sat on Shirley’s back and found the right position, my horse turned my attention to what I did not understand last week. She turned her head and took a deep breath. I never heard a horse breathe that deep. It felt, like Shirley was about to say: Understand now, my friend? Oh yes, I did, my dear Shirley.

The lesson itself was full of memorable events, too. The first few laps were more relaxed than those of last week, though not as relaxed as I would have liked.

Shirley’s jerky and sticky movements of last week had disappeared completely and she was far quieter this week. Then, my riding therapist had an idea: I should close my eyes and ride a long, straight line without eye-sight and let Shirley control everything. Not that easy! Interesting how focused humans are on eye-sight, as long as they have it.

“Walking blind” on a horse feels so different! It took me a second try to let it happen. The result was enlightening and exhilarating. As soon as I finally found Shirley’s rhythm while being blind, Shirley snorted loudly and proudly. Almost immediately an intense feeling of relaxation ran through both our bodies. I felt it through every fiber of my body and Shirley relaxed from head to dock. It was a moment of perfect luck.

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