The last riding-lessons before Christmas

Three weeks after my Botox-Injections, which had meanwhile come to their full effect, I had my last riding lesson before Christmas this week. I was more relaxed than I had been for several weeks before. Almost as a logical consequence,  I could get into Shirley’s rhythm far better than I could in the last few weeks. Shirley’s walk was soft and safe as it has always been. Right after the first round, I realized that I had more self-confidence, so I asked my riding-therapist, if we could repeat the exercise we did last week.

Riding with closed eyes worked far better than last week. It worked that well, that I rode a complete round without seeing anything. Shirley snorted relaxed and pleased. Next, we did the cone-slalom on both hands.

It was a great and relaxed lesson. The next lesson will be on January 6th so that I wish all riders, horse-lovers and their horses a quiet and trouble-free New Year’s Eve and a great happy 2014!

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