Firewall (Henning Mankell)

Kurt Wallander enters his office one morning and finds a note from his colleague, who had been called to an unbelievable operation the night before. A young woman and a girl (19 and 14 years of age) had “overkilled”  a taxi-driver, so that Wallander asks himself in what country he is living.

As, shortly after, another body is found in front of an ATM and it will during the course of the action disappear from pathology and will be found again in front of the same cash-machine with his fingers missing, Wallander faces the challenge to draw conclusions without having a clue that he is investigating a crime supposed to change the world and how little time remains to avoid a catastrophe…

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Biss ins Gras – 14 eiskalte Krimis für heiße Sommernächte (Various Authors)

Unfortunately, there is no English translation available, yet. This Collection contains 14 short crime stories each from another author and read by another narrator.  Themes reach from betrayed wifes to the Italian mafia. The only thing all short-stories lasting 5-15 minutes share is an unexpected punch line in the  end and an inevitable crime.

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Bad Blood (Arne Dahl)

Although they had a successful start and were able to solve their first case, there are serious doubts about the necessity of the special unit. And then, a Swedish literary critic is murdered on a New York airport. A case that is definitely falling into the cognizance of the unit. Not only that the modus operandi of the murder was incredibly bizarre and brutal, also the weapon is full of riddles. It has been used as a torture-instrument during the Vietnam War and it was used as murder weapon during a series of murders in the USA lasting four years and killing 18 people of whom 10 could not be identified. 15 years later, the “Kentucky Murderer” seems to be on his way to Sweden. As soon as the crimes continue there, the special unit has to solve a case centering around an impenetrable coppice of power, profit and moral dilemmas.

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