The first autumn-ride

Today, the weather was not our friend. Wet and cold and raining cats and dogs throughout the lesson. The “perfect” weather conditions for my spasms, especially since I had been suffering spasms-pain throughout the week. And, the ride was different, indeed. Not bad, but different. The walk was safe and soft as it had always been, but is seemed not being as regular. My appointment was a bit earlier this week and Shirley’s dreadlock-hair-style revealed that she had been spending her lunch-break on the pastures.

During the Shirley’s first steps I gained the impression that she had to get warm as well. My muscles really were on strain, especially the shoulder area, so that the ride was more work than joy for all of us.  I realized how slowly Shirley managed to release the muscle tension and it seemed like it was exactly that muscle-tension preventing that I could get into Shirley’s rhythm as good as the weeks before.  We repeated the cone-slalom this week but it was far more work than last week.

My personal highlight of the lesson happened after I descended the horse. Not only that Shirley was looking for more body contact than she had ever done before (that is almost as good as being carried through the world on her back) I fed Shirley her well-deserved treat not only using my “good” hand, but also my “bad” left hand. I did not do that completely voluntarily but there are people you just cannot neglect a single wish.

I was really skeptic but it seemed Shirley had been more careful taking the carrots from the left hand. After Shirley had taken her treat, she was allowed to move freely. My riding-therapist had realized that Shirley was about to roll. Shirley immediately started looking for a comfortable place. It was a short rolling but it was a beautiful picture.

Riding has been cancelled for next week, so that the next entry in this category can be in 14 days from now.

Misterioso (Arne Dahl)

Paul Hjelm is a truly dedicated policeman, but he is a human from the bottom of his heart as well. This simple, but nevertheless remarkable fact almost seals his destiny.  During a hostage-taking in the aliens department, Paul Hjelm intervenes, instead of waiting for the special-forces. Although the action has no negative consequences and Hjelm is by some media considered as hero, he has to face an internal investigation for breaking almost every single rule applicable for hostage-taking.

However, right before the investigation starts, Hjelm is transferred to a newly founded police unit in Stockholm on strange and dubious ways.  Shortly after, his new unit dealing with “violent felonies of international character” is faced with their first case. In almost perfect crimes several Swedish business-man had been killed within a very short time span. In all crimes, there is not a single trace to follow. In another killing shortly after, Kazakh monition can be secured and traces seem leading to mafia-killings. For quite a long time, everything remains silent. But then, another crime takes place and beyond the shadow of a doubt, it will not be the last. This time, the only trace at the crime-scene is a piece of Jazz-music. A brilliantly thrilling first case for the Intercrime group…

Read the full review (available in German only) here.

The Dark Vineyard (Martin Walker)

Right in the middle of the night and in the middle of sweet dreams, Bruno is awakened by the diaphone, supposed to warn the inhabitants of Saint-Denis in case of fire and other dangers. The case, starting with a burning field, develops really strange: The call, alarming the fire department was made from a far distant phone-booth. And, how does a computer and internet-line get here? Things get worse by an explosion shortly after and Bruno has more than one riddle to solve.

As if that would not be enough, the mayor of Saint-Denis receives an offer which is as inviting as it is immoral. A great wine-producing-company offers 10-million Euros to buy the valley surrounding Saint-Denis, where they wish to establish a production-site. A plan that falls out and truly splits the village and even challenges the friendship between the mayor and Bruno.

Shortly after, two dead bodys, one sank in a wine barrel, are found, the situation is about to get out of control. His investigations lead Bruno right to the center of a wine-dynasty and towards a long neglected family argument…

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