Photo- Workshop with Linda Peinemann at German Horse Museum Verden

Last Saturday, October 12 2013 one of my dreams came true. I participated in a professional photo-workshop conducted by professional horse-photographer Linda Peinemann at German Horse Museum Verden. I read about the workshop in the local newspaper and actually did not expect that my request for participation would be granted. The Workshop was on outdoor horse and dog photography (portrait and during activity). Not necessarily the perfect conditions for wheelchair-users, but temptation was huge.

What I witnessed was maybe one of the most positive experiences in the past. Immediately after I registered for the class, Ina Maieli and her colleagues at German Horse Museum contacted me to answer all questions and eliminate all uncertainties. Starting with a very detailed description of the outdoor-surroundings, to the course fee for my personal assistant, all questions were answered very friendly.

After both parties agreed on actually taking this “adventure”, I started to the German Horse Museum. Right at the entrance I met photographer Linda Peinemann and the class turned out to be great. After a theoretical introduction on how exposure time and aperture  interact with each other and what effect it has on the shot (illustrated with identical photos), it was time to get hands on camera for the first time. Dog Photography with raising difficulty level. At first, dog owners remained part of the portrait, good shots almost guaranteed, although it took a while to get there. Then, dog portrait without owner, getting harder, and finally dogs during play. Hard to get a good shot. We always were supposed to try different exposure times and apertures. After a few “warm up shots” results improved.

After the lunch break and another theoretical introduction on the special challenges of horse-photography, Linda gave away some slight tricks of the professionals to perfectly hit the right moment. She showed some really great photos with incredible detail. Then it was the perfect time to get outdoor again. With the help of participants; I actually managed to be part of the complete workshop. The second part of the practical workshop was structured similar to the first on dog photography. I was so happy that I almost forgot everything else happening around me.

A very warm thank you to all participating animal-owners and Models. With patience and always with a smile, they allowed every participant to get the necessary time to get the “perfect” shot. Results have hopefully been worth the effort.

I want to thank all participants in the class for a really memorable and unforgettable day. Photographer Linda Peinemann, I want to thank for the great and individual tips.  I also wish to thank her and all employers of the German Horse Museum for their kindness and their willingness and courage to dare the adventure of wheelchair photography.  In my opinion, it was more than worth it and I would be really pleased if I may continue to learn.

Working with all of you has really been a pleasure.

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