30 Minutes of self-awareness and almost perfect hapiness

Today was the great day. This week, for the first time, I was riding on another day and in the afternoon instead in the morning. With somehow “just the right amount of stage-anxiety”, I was driving towards the stable and Shirley. As I wished, we were driving very early. So, I happened to see the rest of the lesson of the patient before me. He was also riding on Shirley.

Observing Shirley calmed me a little bit, but the closer the big moment came, the more nervous I got. After I had taken the seat on Shirley’s back, and we had walked the first few steps, something happened: Something I knew from my previous horse and that is so intense making a description almost impossible. I will –nevertheless-  give it an insufficient try.

We barely had past the first corner on the long loop way around the stables, I suddenly felt an incredible security. Shirleys walk- soft and even – and her pricked ears did the rest. Taking into account that there was so much that could have distracted us. The ghosts waiting in the trees, the branches that could stripe the rider, and the uneven ground. Instead, Shirley’s soft walk relaxed me, the view over the wide ranging meadows made me unbelievably happy and Shirley gave me more than the necessary security.

Do you know the feeling that, the whole world could collapse around you and nothing would happen to you? This was exactly the feeling I had during this ride and maybe it was just this feeling that allowed me to greet a young, nice, female rider coming along the way.    

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