The Colour of heaven looks different

My apologies for beeing silent that long, exspeciall in regard to my experiences with Shirley. Now that I know, I might have some followers, I promise to post more regularely. Since my last post, so many great things concerning Shirley have happened, that I almost don’t know where to start. Maybe here:

The lesson after my last post remained unspectecular and without any noteworthy events. However, the week after that, my world was completely shaking. It was a beautiful morning in early summer, with almost cloudless blue skys. After we completeted our first round in walk, my new therapist simply said: And now we are going outside using the jumping area (without obstacles). Before I even realised what was going on, we had left the indoor riding arena, heading outaside.

I was so overwhealmed, that I simply didn’t know what to think first. I was sitting alone on horseback and now riding outside, something I had’t done for 20 or more years. It almost felt, like the colours were more intense, all my senses had been sharpenened. I will probably never forget how blue the sky look from the top of a horse.

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