The troubled man (Henning Mankell)

Right in the middle of an investigation, Kurt Wallander receives a completely unexpected call. His daughter Linda wants to meet him to discuss a private matter. At the beach, Kurt Wallander gets the news that he will be grandfather soon. What a surprise! Wallander had no idea that his daughter was in a relationship. To celebrate his new role, Wallander spends the evening eating in a restaurant. Somehow Wallander forgets his gun there. Had he taken it with him? He had no idea and alcohol was not the reason for Wallanders bad memory. But, it gets even worse: Although no bad things were committed with Wallanders gut, he gets “voluntarily suspended”. Linda has an idea: Her father- in- law celebrates his 75th birthday, and his daughter asks Wallander to come with her. As Wallander and the birthday boy are standing on the terrace, he gets frightened and tells Wallander about events way in the past. As Lindas parents-in law-disappear without any obvious reason, Linda asks her father to help…

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Turn off your head while riding

After I had a magnificent first ride on Shirley going far better than expected, I really was looking forward to the second lesson with her. My only wish was to be calmer when I mount her, since I had way to much body tenseness on the first ride. So,I tried to relax myself using breathing techniques coming from antenatal exercises, which I learned from a riding therapist in an earlier stable. It worked quite well. However, right in the moment when I had mounted Shirley, I noticed that this lesson would be different. Shirleys walk felt more wobbling than the week before; it felt like I was sitting half an inch too far to the right, when it felt like sitting half an inch too far to the left. I could somehow not get into Shirleys rhythm, was not anywhere near the feeling of “falling into the horse”. Ironically, Shirley noticed that immediately and she tried to get my focus beck on her by stepping on the ground more thoroughly. But this time I was far too busy with myself and my body feelings to listen to what my horse had to say. What a pity!