Hypothermia (Arnaldur Indridason)

Karin and Maria have been friends since they were children. So, both are happy to meet again at Marias leisure residence. But, instead of a happy meeting, it turns into a nightmare for Karin. Right after the arrival, Karin finds Maria hanging dead from the ceiling. Nothing unusual for the police officers, it already was the second suicide this week. Everything in and around the scene looks like suicide. Only Erlendurs intuition and Karins denial of the fact that her friend could decide to end her life voluntarily .tell otherwise. The only strange detail is a cassette, containing a Séance which both attended. Since Erlendur does not care that much about that sort of thing, he decides to listen later. But then, a man, whose son has been missing for 29 years visits Erlendur and all of the sudden there seems to be a connection between to cases who by no means could be connected. Could they? Read the full review (in German) here .

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