A warm welcome to Shirley

After a break of over one year, something wonderful has happened. I finally found a new stable for my beloved horseback riding. At the Roschenhof in Lilienthal,which is part of the Diakonische Behindertenhilfe Lilienthal there is a horse named Shirley. She is a 15-year-old Tinker mare, having a lovely soft and cosing walk and an incredibly calm temper. Last Tuesday, I had my first riding lesson with her. It was the most intensive feeling of security I have had in months. I know, the footsteps for Shirley are not small, Felix has been my beloved therapy horse for 13 years, but, after observing Shirley while grazing (impressions in the video below, without audio) and the first 20 minutes of riding and lots of warm, wet hugs and kisses I really enjoyed, it seems clear that my heart is ready for a new wonderful friendship. It is your decision Shirley. However, I ask you for many more moments of luck and happiness to come. I promise that I will treat your fairly and with full respect at all times and that I will try my best to listen to your needs and to take care of them- Let us start a wonderful and trustworthy friendship!

Bruno – Chief of Police (Martin Walker)

Being the local police officer at Saint-Denis for eight years now, Benoit Courrèges, whom everybody only calls Bruno, has a very quiet, happy and satisfying life. This life enables him, to spend a considerable amount of his time for his true passions: Sports, good food and women. Shortly after the remembrance ceremony for the end of World War II a veteran from the French-Algerian-War is found dead. His throat had been cut and a swastika had been cut into his skin. Since all evidence seems to indicate a xenophobic background of that crime, regional and national police authorities are taking care of the investigation. The only way for Bruno  to stay involved in the case  is his insistence and his excellent connections. Finally, Bruno reveals a secret he wished he had never discovered.
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The Complaints (Ian Rankin)

After John Rebus reitred, Ian Rankin is back and Malcolm Fox enters the stage. Although Fox seems to be the complete opposite of Rebus, similarities are clearly visible. Fox is willing to exceed boarders there necessary just as rebus was and Malcolm Fox is anything but perfect, jest as Rebus was. Divorced and drinking too much alcohol in earlier times, Fox is back in the Department for Internal Affais, probably the department liked the less, even among policemen. Their first case takes them to a policemen who is suspected to own and share illegal videos. But there is very few evidence. Fox is supposed to change this. However, the story gets a hard twist. Vince Faulner, the boyfriend of Fox’ sister is murdered and Fox suddenly finds himself right in the center of the investigation. To safe their careers, hunter and huntsman have to fight side by side…

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His Dark Materials; Part II(Philip Pullman)

At his return from buying food, William Perry immediately notices, that something has happened to his mother. She has been sick before, but the situation had changed dramatically. William from now on wants to protect his mother against everything. He does not accomplish his goal. As thieves come into the family-home without finding what they were looking for, there is an accident. William thinks he is a murderer and escapes after having brought his mother to a safe place. On his escape, William meets a cat and finds a window in the air. In the moment, William stepped through the window he entered Lyras world. What both children do not know yet: there is a connection between them. Whily William is searching for his father, who disappeared many years ogo on an expedition to the North, Lyra is still trying to solvfe the riddle on the dust. So they continue their journey together and during that journey they have to accept a very dangerous  trade-off that could very well change their worlds for all times to come…
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Photographic Workshop April 19th 2013

After I visited the Übersee-Museeum at a later date the Photographic Workshop of March had to be cancelled due to health problems. On April 19 the Photographic Workshop was sceduled to take place at Bürgerpark Bremen. Unfortunately it was all but spring-like. Right at the start of the Workshop it began rain cats and dogs so the only remaining option was to get back to the Railway-Station. A hot chocolate with a shot of espresso was not quite a replacement for the missed photos, but it still was a cosy afternoon. As the class was finished and we left the Railway-Station. finally a photographic moment appeared: a rainbow unfortunately partly still covered by clouds.

Der Regenbogen am Ende des Fotokurses/ Rainbow at the end of the Photographic Workshop
Der Regenbogen am Ende des Fotokurses/ Rainbow at the end of the Photographic Workshop

Outrage (Arnaldur Indridason)

As the policemen arrive at the crime scene they are breathless for a moment. All visible traces seem to allow only one conclusion. This was not a crime, it was a murderous frenzy. What must the victim- a n innocent phone technician have done to find such a cruel death? The evidence and trances at the crime scene quickly allow to draw a possible scenario, but there are far to many unanswered questions. The decisive one: How does Rohypnol – the typical rapist drug- get into the victim’s blood? To make things worse, the only possible witness is a very old woman, living far away in her own world…
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His Dank Materials; Part I (Philip Pullman)

Lyra is a girl quite normal for her 11 years of age. She wants to learn, she is assiduous and she likes to play tricks on people. One day, shotly before the visit of her uncle, Lyra hides in the wardrope of the great chamber. Her intention was to secretly listen to what her uncle has to report. She sees, that the wine of her uncle is being poisoned right before dinner. What shall Lyra do? She is not allowed to be here, but all of a sudden, she has become the only person to safe her uncle. The girl reveals herself and her uncle tells her about a mysterious dust and hand over a golden compass to Lyra. Lyra has to keep everything secret. That is the beginning of Lyras greatest adventure of all. Read full review (in German) here.

Hypothermia (Arnaldur Indridason)

Karin and Maria have been friends since they were children. So, both are happy to meet again at Marias leisure residence. But, instead of a happy meeting, it turns into a nightmare for Karin. Right after the arrival, Karin finds Maria hanging dead from the ceiling. Nothing unusual for the police officers, it already was the second suicide this week. Everything in and around the scene looks like suicide. Only Erlendurs intuition and Karins denial of the fact that her friend could decide to end her life voluntarily .tell otherwise. The only strange detail is a cassette, containing a Séance which both attended. Since Erlendur does not care that much about that sort of thing, he decides to listen later. But then, a man, whose son has been missing for 29 years visits Erlendur and all of the sudden there seems to be a connection between to cases who by no means could be connected. Could they? Read the full review (in German) here .

The Girl of his dreams – Commissario Brunettis 17th case

Hard times for Guido Brunetti. His mother recently died. Shortly after the funeral, the priest, who conducted the ceremony visits Brunetti at the police station. He is worried, that the son of a friend could be in the bear hug of a sect. But before Brunetti can get into the case, his full attention is needed by another case. In the water of a canal, the dead body of an 11-year-old girl  is found. Prior to her death, she must have been in serious pain and badly ill-treated. Even worse: Nobody – not even her own parents seem to care about her death and disappearance. A very touching case, leaving Brunetti in restless dreams…

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The Gallows bird (Camilla Läckberg)

The case seems to be as clear as glass. A woman died in her car after she drove way to fast and hit a tree. She had a considerable amount of alcohol in her blood. Case closed? Not quite. Nearly every person intervied says the victim did not drink alcohol at all. The case really gets tricky as another dead body appers, this time it was murder without doubt. A nationwide research reveals several cases following the same pattern. But, where is the connection that puts together the jigsaw-puzzle to a complete picture? Read the full review here on Leser-Welt