Welcome to Torsten Pickert’s private homepage

that's me (Torsten)Here, you wil find everything, that is – more or less – worth to be mentioned about me. If you like, it might be useful to start with my personal biography. Beyond that, the site will give you an inside to my three greatest hobbies, namely, audiobooks, horses and photography. Finally, you will find here all important events happening in my life to come. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

One thought on “Welcome to Torsten Pickert’s private homepage”

  1. Hi Torsten,
    My last comment did not reach you for some reason or other.
    It is a pleasure having you in my workshops. You are an amazing yung man. Your photos are continuously improving. Keep up the good work and keep on coming to our “Fotografie Stammtisch” because you have built up quite a fan club!


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